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The Eating Coach

Jan 17, 2018

Three book recommendations to help you move through your binge eating. These are all very different, so I hope that you will find at least one of them worth buying.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

One word that I believe has been chronically mis-used in the world of self-help, and especially spirituality, a word that is seemingly beautiful and inspirational...but is the vocabulary of warfare. When I used to try to buy into it, I not only failed, but feel incredibly inadequate because of how uncomfortable it made me feel. Find out what it is and why it, not we, is the failure.

*Main section*

I read extracts from 3 books I think you will find useful to help deal with your eating issues.

'Mindless Eating' by Brian Wansink
How environment can hinder - or help - your eating choices. I read from a chapter entitled ‘Mindless Eating Scripts’.


‘The Ultramind Solution’ by Dr Mark Hyman
How many problems like depression and anxiety are created by what we put into our body. Controversial and liberating. You don’t need to buy into what he is saying -
just try his ideas out.

‘A Course In Weight Loss’ by Marianne Williamson
Beautifully describes the experiences of compulsive and binge eating in a rare and lyrical way.



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