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The Eating Coach

Dec 27, 2017

Use the positive energy of your inner rebel to failure-proof yourself against the 15th January (i.e. the day that 90% of people have abandoned their goal).


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

Today a interview with a 9-year-old (my son, to be precise) about a new app he has discovered. Watch out Insanity and PX-90000000 (or whatever those kill-yourself-not-so-softly workout programmes are called)...or in fact don't watch out at all. Everyone else: Listen and weep.


*Main section: The Food Rebel's New Year's Resolution*

The answer to the mass failure of New Year's Resolutions (NYRs) is not necessarily to avoid them. I am just as magnetised by the clean slate appeal of the 1st January as everyone else. We need to reframe the whole challenge and turn our self-sabotage on its head.


*What a food rebel is

*The positive side to rebellion, featuring Einstein, a load of students and The Arab Spring. The mental dictator in your head that you yourself install on 1st January.

*Why the whole concept of a NYR is so problematic for compulsive and binge eaters

*Why you need to change the type of visionary thinking you use to help achieve your NYR

*How to actually work on a NYR in a way that will neutralise your food rebellion

*The bigger picture: how to make that rebel energy work for you in reclaiming your life from food.



Find out about the Freedom From Sugar programme here:

BBC article on rebellion:

The Harry Potter Saved My Life episode on Hogwarts:


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Produced by Beth McGowan