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The Eating Coach

Oct 4, 2022

Top of many people's health goals is weight loss. The problem with this is that this perfectly useful measure of health has been corrupted by the diet and beauty industries, who have injected harsh unrealistic expectations into the mix, along with a nice toxic dose of body shame.

Actor Rebel Wilson's story around her weight loss departs from virtually every other celeb's yo yo dieting, and she has a lot to teach us about the difference between toxic perfectionism and healthy health goals.


There are two distinct reasons that I am guessing that underlie Rebel's sustainable weight change 

Find out what they are in this episode.


Journaling for this topic:

Write down all the reasons you have to lose weight. Now put them in order of internal importance. For example, if you have written ‘to ease joint pain’ and then ‘to fit into my favourite dress’ then easing joint pain must come before the dress, because it impacts your life on a deeper level. Think health, think ease of movement, think what else you could do that you cannot nowadays.

Now look at the top and bottom reasons and notice if your motivation has shifted. Do you feel any better focusing on the most important item? Who else benefit from you easing this problem?

I would love to know what came top of your list, so please email me info (at)


3rd Oct Genie In The Lamp episode (205)