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The Eating Coach

Aug 2, 2022

Heads Up

Here’s the link to access the talk on Carrot or Stick? Neither! On Wed 3rd August at 8pm UK (3pm Eastern)


What is The Fundamental Fatribution Error?

I made this term up. It is a corrupted version of the fundamental attribution error (FAE), which is the mistake we make when we for example blame others' bad driving on personality defects, but if we cut someone up in traffic it is usually down to factors outside our control. Most people believe that they are above averagely skilled drivers.

The fundamental fatribution error (FFE) is when you weaponise the FAE against yourself, and is exemplified by self attack statements like "I'm so fat because It's so undisciplined"

In this episode you will find out why the FFE is so toxic AND so strangely comforting…as well as an alternative.



About The Carrot and Stick Talk on Wed 3rd August:

We all know about carrots and sticks when it comes to human motivation. Punish or reward yourself (or get someone else to do it for you) and you are sorted…right?


This Wednesday at 8pm UK (3pm EST) I will be talking about why I don't think either really work for stopping binge eating or freeing yourself from junk food addictions like sugar.

For anyone with a history of food compulsion, the stick will trigger their Inner Food Rebel, a force 1000 times more powerful than any goals you might set.

I have found that carrot does work SOMETIMES for me…but only under certain conditions. And it has never really landed with any of my clients.

So…what can we replace the carrot and the stick with?

Something deeper. Something that always works. Something that connects you to a more powerful way of living. Something that is totally transferable to other areas you need motivation for.

This talk will be live in the Eating Coach Facebook group. If you are not already a member, join here:


Harriet Morris

info (at) theshiftinside dot com