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The Eating Coach

Mar 30, 2022

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In this episode, I interview Lindsay, one of my clients, on her experience putting emotional eating out of a job.

In this empowering chat, you will hear about…

*Going from feeling like a broken sugar addict to being able to say no to dessert at a big social occasion

*The awesome question (starting with “What does….”) Lindsay uses to bring herself to alignment with her higher self

*The shift from eating 7 pieces of wedding cake to not even wanting the junk after taking a bite of it

*How quitting sugar changed her relationship with herself

*Lindsay’s PCOS diagnosis and the link with binge eating

*The awesome rebel-against-your-food rebellion strategy I taught her and how it meant saying no to sugar was actually FUN

*How this work gave her the confidence to quit another addiction

Release Emotional Eating Programme

The Adventurer's Mindset

Getting ready for this life-changing transformation and ending the toxic trash talk about yourself takes a specific framework:

The daily practice of shifting from passive sufferer to hero/ine's journey mindset

How to put a gagging order on your inner critic

The counterintuitive power of low commitment and gamification 


Nutrition For Emotional Wellbeing

You see junk food as your emotional saviour, but behind the scenes it is making things worse. Learn better coping strategies to use when you really need them


Discover how junk foods hijacks your brain chemistry

Practise eating a nutritious AND pleasurable diet that will elbow the mood-hijacking junk out of the way - without you feeling torn between what is right and what feels good.

How to use The Staircase Approach to transition from the addict's dependence to nutritional, craving-free eating.


Emotional Regulation

Difficult emotions have been demonised, and it is also these feelings that trigger compulsive eating. Is it possible that there is some link between suppression and bingeing? Hint: Yes there is!

Learn how to use the emotions as messengers reframe as a positive constructive scaffold for managing them. 

Step-by-step processes that support you in learning how to manage your feelings.

Dealing with anger and guilt: safely channel and release what you should not be holding on to. Imagine what a weight off that will be!


Eating Presence

If you have been using mealtimes to squash your emotions, then it follows that when you use the strategy I have coined eating presence, you eat in a way that ensure you stop doing this. It happens in a very gradual, step-by-step process.

Slow eating games - it is impossible to eat emotionally when you slow down. Gamification reduces the pressure and makes it fun! 

Meal planning for people who hate meal planning. Strategies, games and tapping into the power of the subconscious.

The 90% Beats Perfection rule - why you will never eat 100% consciously, and why you shouldn't even try.


Boundary Repair

Emotional eating is a very understandable but ineffective way to manage relationships where the dynamic is unbalanced. If you feel like other people walk all over you and you feel nervous about standing up to them, this module will be invaluable for you.

Subtle strategies to ward off energy vampires in a classy, no-conflict way

How to strengthen your boundaries in a way that feels emotionally safe 

How managing your inner cavewoman is a gamechanger in making this process much easier


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