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The Eating Coach

Mar 14, 2022

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Imagine a postie (mail delivery person if you live outside the UK) who delivers a parcel to your home, and invites themselves in for a cuppa. Ten years later they are still there, drinking you out of house and home…

A ridiculous scenario, but if we replace the postie with difficult emotions you have a situation that millions tolerate, simply because they don’t know how else to manage their anger, disappointment, guilt etc.

When you can learn to regulate your emotions yourself, you reduce 50% of your emotional eating issues….or should I say ‘stuck emotional eating’ issues.

Emotions are messengers, and never meant to stick around. AND they are not meant to be solved.

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…and watch the follow on video where I talk about one time where I regulated my emotions without trying to solve them. Warning: content involves being triggered by annoying teenagers 😊

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