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The Eating Coach

May 12, 2021 - Boundary Setting 101 Week starts on 17th May. 3 masterclasses - all completely free.

Possibly the worst titled episode in the history of this podcast. It makes you feel out of sorts just looking at it, doesn’t it?

…and that’s the point.

A TionQues is a question that is all wrong, just like the way I have spellt that very word here.

When you do something that causes you pain, like bingeing, the questions you ask yourself about it are absolutely key for the quality of solutions that you tap into.

The problem is that people often do not know what the RIGHT questions to ask are.

The TionQues you might ask yourself post binge are:

How can I make amends for my terrible greed?

How can I escape myself?

In this episode I give you some better questions to ask.



Boundary Setting 101 Week


A: Three free masterclasses to help you start setting empowering boundaries, even if you feel like you are no good at this skill. You can attend on Zoom or get the videos in your inbox.



Masterclass 1 ~ Turn Down The Volume on Your Fear of Setting Boundaries

Discover why you are already better than you think at boundary setting, and learn all about your fear centre. Something akin to a blind and stubborn bouncer living inside your head, your fear centre is actually trying to protect you by resisting setting boundaries. By the end of this session, you will understand how you have more influence over this part of your mind than you think.


Masterclass 2 ~ Setting Your First Empowering Boundary

Learn what the crucial difference is between reactive and empowering boundary setting. In this liberating masterclass, I take all the pressure off this challenge in two important ways that allow you to step into your power.


Masterclass 3 ~ From Struggle To Adventure

How to reframe this skill so that it excites you instead of fills you with dread. Step two foot to the side of the nonsense your inner critic tells you as we uses two powerful and inspirational reframes that will make you want to stretch your comfort zone.



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You can attend on Zoom or get the videos in your inbox.