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The Eating Coach

Jan 1, 2021

There  is nothing wrong with New Year’s Resolutions per se…but be careful you don’t misuse them in an invisible bid at unconscious self-sabotage.


Listen and find out about the important mindset shift you need to ensure you start 2021 strong. Plus...


*Section 2* - How To Stick To Your 2019 Resolutions

An extract from an earlier episode on practical ways to uplevel your New Year’s resolutions


PRINCIPLE #3 is temptation bundling. Temptation what?


PRINCIPLE #4 really breaks the back of traditional motivation. Your decidedly average positive thinker and Instagram poster will NOT like this. Incidentally, it works like gangbusters. Go figure. Find out what The Effortless Tipping Point is, and how you reach it.


PRINCIPLE #5 – Do a deal. Yes, but what kind of deal? And with whom?


PRINCIPLE #6 – I asked James Dean to pop in for this one. He said he was busy,  but attends in spirit.



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Episode 28 – New Year’s Resolutions for Food Rebels

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