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The Eating Coach

Aug 26, 2020

…starring a metronome and a teenage arsonist.

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In today’s show I talk about the real reason that so many people are in a binge-restrict cycle and one client shares her story of getting off this toxic seesaw.

You probably think this cycle is how you control your greed and out-of-control appetite. WRONG.

This cycle does not start with a binge – it starts with deprivation. My name for it is The Metronome, and you can see some images to explain this process at

I interview a group coaching client, Louise, who shares about:

All of the failed unsustainable diets and other solutions she tried

The changes she has seen since starting coaching

“I was the inner critic’s teacher’s pet, but I am delighted to say that I have freedom from this, and my binges are almost gone”.

How the group support helped her

The importance of imperfectionism and sustainable change.



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