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The Eating Coach

Jul 29, 2020

ADVANCE NOTICE: Upcoming Programme September 2020 for empaths

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In today’s episode, I talk about stress eating through a rather unusual lens and help you do a 180 on how you see it.

By the way, if we are taking about stress eating, we are also talking about binge eating – because they are one and the same thing.

Have you ever considered that stress could be addictive?

I explain how this could be true, and give you a reframe for stress eating

And if so, does this change how you see stress eating? Ould this coping technique be a way to deal with a situation that you yourself have unconsciously created in order to release stress hormones?

I also give you a practical alternative to eating as a stress relief that you can do today. You can’t say fairer than that!



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Joe Dispenza’s book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself


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Christiane Northrup’s book is Dodging Energy Vampires