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The Eating Coach

May 27, 2020

Q: When is an operation not actually an operation? And when does an operation have some rather unexpected consequences?

A: Listen and find out.

In 2011, I had a hypnotic gastric band. In this episode I explain what happened and the events that surrounded it. In this episode, I tell you all about it.

This experience was the beginning of my recovery from compulsive eating. But the $64,000 question was: how much of that was down to the hypnotherapist, and how much was down to what I did with the experience?

In this episode I share:

*What is a hypnotic gastric band

*The extra (some would say OTT) prep I did outside my sessions to make the ‘operation’ as real as possible to my subconscious mind (I don’t think anyone has ever been so committed as I was!)

*The odd thing that happened immediately after the ‘operation’

*The turning point two weeks afterwards – and the landmark three words that changed everything for me

*What Bear Grylls and a Victorian dwarf have got to do with all this



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