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The Eating Coach

Sep 27, 2017

In this week's show , we look at artificial sweeteners and ask what has the debate around them missed?

*Stupid Idea of The Week* (length: 2 min 45)

This week I have great fun tearing down the Shangri-La diet. Really there are no words here. No wait - actually, there are. Hear them here.

*Main section* (length: 11 min 31)

Artificial sweeteners have a very controversial history. Many people say aspartame gives you cancer, while governments tell us it is safe. What to do in this hotly debated climate? My take is that this is the wrong discussion to have about this subject - we should worry about a different aspect of artificial sweeteners. I explain what in this section, as well as:

  • What Dr David Ludwig of Boston Children's Hospital has to say about this
  • What one eminent researcher's view is
  • My own (non-zero tolerance) approach in the real world - and what I do about my kids and these sweeteners

*Audiobook Recommendation* (length: 3min 01)

The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday. Listen to it free by going to and searching for The Obstacle Is The Way.

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