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The Eating Coach

May 13, 2020

Watch that your earbuds don't burn off with the heat of this week's show! Yes, it is the the (ever so slightly bonkers) chilli challenge - and this is the woman who - up until last summer - would no more eat spicy food than retrain as an astrophysicist . I also talk about body hacking and biohacking.


*Hilarious Idea of The Week*

Ever wondered what to do if you were unfortunate enough to lose half a finger in a motorbike accident? Why, turn your misfortune upside down by transforming said missing digit into a USB stick. Yes, ladies and gentlemen.


*Main section: The Chilli Challenge LIVE!!!*

A finger USB stick is bodyhacking - optimising (and I use term loosely) your body using technology. Biohacking is more about optimising your body using medical, nutritional and physical advances. The big, extreme biohacking invetions make big news - but I want to focus in this episode on much more basic, simple biohacking techniques you can implement today for virtually nothing.

The Chilli Challenge is one such technique. The point is that you eat more chilli than is comfortable for you in order to get an endorphin rush.

Listen as I take you through the discomfort and safe-for-compulsives high of the chilli challenge. Is it worth it? Only you can decide.

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This is a replay of episode 39.


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