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The Eating Coach

Jan 15, 2020

AKA Meditation for people who can't sit still...and a deeper exploration for the rest of us.

Are you one of those people who feel like they should meditate because they see gurus everywhere talk about it, but would rather stick pins in your eyes than sit down and close your eyes?

What you need is an intervention of the non-spiritual, non-BS variety. Today I talk to the only person who has ever got me to meditate, master coach Rob Scott.



…comes from poet and playwright EE Cummins, all about belief and change



In this interview, discover

*What the ten breaths challenge is, and the hidden benefits of failing it

*What beginners should focus on instead of time spent meditating

*The difference between thought and sensation – and why understanding this can start to dismantle compulsion

*How meditation lets you access the actual experience of being alive vs the thought model of being alive

*A definition of ‘being present’ that takes you from some 2D perfectionist social media meme to a real workable tool that will help you accept yourself

*The difference between pain and suffering – and why this is so important for your ability to manage your compulsion



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The Willpower Instinct is by Kelly McGonigal

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