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The Eating Coach

Oct 3, 2019


Is it possible for any woman to start to accept and even like her body and appearance in less than a month?

This was the question I asked myself a few months ago when I became sick of being beaten down my poor body image.

I wondered whether I could go deeper and reproduce the success I had 7 years ago giving up sugar. I had to find a different way through that challenge than the cookie-cutter solutions being presented to me by everyone else.

And this is exactly what I have done with The Body Confident Project.

The key to gaining body acceptance – and gaining it relatively quickly - is Cavebrain.

In this episode you will find out...

*Exactly what cavebrain is and why it is absolutely crucial in this process

*Other women's experiences with this project

*Why this goes beyond being able to look in the mirror and is also about living a life that is both easier AND more empowered