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The Eating Coach

Mar 6, 2019

Can food really heal depression? And if so, is it all you need? Let's investigate...


…is the the when/then game. We’ve all played it – and let’s face it, it’s total pants (as we say here in good ol’Blighty).



In today’s episode I look at how what we eat can impact our mental health. As important as the information are certain caveats that you need to be aware of. The main focus is on what foodstuffs we can introduce to improve our state of mind and emotional regulation.

Included is an extract from my new audiobook Natural Antidepressants. You can buy it today (link below) or….

…alternatively you can hear it over two episodes (this week and next) of Eating Coach Extra – these are paid episodes that will be coming out every other week.

 Access Eating Coach Extra here:

To celebrate the launch, I am publishing the first two (i.e. the whole of Natural Antidepressants) as follows:

Part 1 – today

Part 2 – next Wednesday 13th

For a low monthly fee you will now be able to hear new episodes every single week if you include the main free Eating Coach episodes.