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The Eating Coach

Aug 9, 2017

Where do those mystery pounds come (back) from? Today I am going to give you a brand new angle on this problem, using (and mispronouncing) an untranslatable danish word. We also have a listener question on how one man can help his girlfriend feel better about her body image...all this, plus Stupid Idea of The Week.


*Stupid Idea of The Week*

It's the health scaremongering headline. I tell you why you should take these media nastities with a cellar full of salt, and give you some even more ridiculous ones to cheer you up.


*Why do I regain weight so fast?*

Let's start with the concept of Lykke, taken from the beautiful danish language, which I do a cracking job of butchering with my google-pronunciation-tool half-effort.


*The one sentence that virtually everyone says about their future weight loss but means nothing

*Exactly how you are outsourcing your happiness to food – and why this is like being caught in an online shopping scam

*How to put food out of the job of making you feel fulfilled in life




*Stupid Headlines:*


*21 Untranslatable Emotions article*,155,HCB.html

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