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The Eating Coach

Aug 2, 2017

The new Netflix movie ‘To The Bone’ has caused a LOT of controversy since its release a couple of weeks ago. Today I give my take on this film, which follows 20 year old anorexic Ellen as she follows an unusual form of eating disorder therapy. Inspirational or a misguided glamourisation of eating disorders? I give you my take. 

NB: Trigger warning and F Bomb warning. As I explained in the Heads Up minisode a few days ago, this may trigger unhelpful thoughts if you have a history of self-starvation and/or purging (vomiting).

And yes, Keanu Reeves drops the F bomb.


* Stupid Idea of The Week*

…is cliched advice given by people who have no idea of the struggles you have gone through at the dining table. Learn what is wrong with ‘everything in moderation’ for example. 


*To The Bone*

What can this movie teach us about recovering from not only anorexia, but eating problems in general? Anything at all?

This is one hugely divisive film, and I give you my reasons for liking what I liked and disliking what I disliked. I cannot summarise it here, so listen to the episode.

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