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The Eating Coach

Oct 10, 2018

This is partly a replay of episode 26 on real vs fake pleasure, with some extra commentary added at the end.

Is it possible to dismantle your eating issues without living in misery-fuelled deprivation for the rest of your life? YES – but to achieve this, you need to understand the difference between real and fake pleasure.

*Stupid Idea of The Week*

From the annals of the history of diet literature comes this episode’s mini guide on how to be miserable around food. I actually found a book advising us to make a list of foods we prefer but to avoid! There is pleasure denial screaming from this. Even though this book is 40 years old, this idea is still very prevalent today.


*Real VS Fake Pleasure*

Food, and sugar in particular, was for decades my main source of pleasure.

So many people think that lack of pleasure is par for the course with health goals. Why is this? Instant gratification seems to be the only source of pleasure for many people, and then they try to claw back their willpower using calorie counting.

So what can we do instead?

We need to understand that our brains are wired to seek pleasure, and feeling naturally good is the reward for doing something good for your survival: eating, mating, exercising. our cavebrain wants to earn the feeling of pleasure – it is designed for it, because its ultimate goal of pleasure is to orient us to activities that promote our survival.

A really good way to navigate this inbuilt pleasure-survival mechanism is to distinguish between real and fake pleasure, which I explain in this episode, and the one simple question you can ask to identify if it is real or fake pleasure (yes, honestly!)

I also discuss how problematic an issue sugar can be for compulsive eaters. and how to deal with this issue that nobody seems to be talking about.



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